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Game Review: Hue. (Free on Epic Store for a limited time)

Game Review: Hue. (Free on Epic Store for a limited time)

Game Review: Hue. (Free on Epic Store for a limited time)


If you are looking for a less reflex-based and more logic puzzle gameplay, Hue will be a good choice. Released back in 2016 on several platforms, Hue promotes itself as “A vibrant, award-winning puzzle-adventure,” where players have to change the background color and move objects to unlock and complete a series of puzzles. As easy as it sounds, it requires an amount of focus and logic. And if you have not tried this game yet, you probably should since it is free on the epic store from Jul 02- 09 2020.


Hue is a 2D puzzle platform where you embark on a journey to find your missing mother. Without any hints, you will have to figure your way through the puzzle in each level as the difficulty increases - that’s where logic comes in. And because there is no checkpoint in each level, every death means you will have to restart that level. Also, the game comes with over 30 original music tracks. The soothing background music further increases the overall gaming experience and is full-color blind support, with an option to use symbols as a color aid.


Is it worth buying?

For a daily commitment of 1-2 hours, you would probably finish the game in a week since it has a limited puzzle level in it, and once you complete each level, there is not much incentive to return to it. So, to pay SGD$15 for a week of entertainment might not be worth it, but Steam is giving a special promotional offer of 80% discount, which is S$3.00 only and ends on 9 July. And if you are those who would instead buy a game to show your support, you can get the game with its official soundtrack at S$3.96 only. Better still, you can download this game for free at Epic Store on 02 - 09 July. Not a paid advertisement by the way.