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OnePlus Nord - First Impression Review

Phone / Tablet

OnePlus Nord - First Impression Review

Phone / Tablet

OnePlus Nord - First Impression Review

Phone / Tablet

How good is this more affordable OnePlus Nord phone in the mid-tier smartphone?

The release of OnePlus Nord is highly raved by far in the mid-tier smartphone realm with its affordable price tag, but just how good and how much is compromised in this phone? A glance with its sibling in the previous release, Nord seemingly got quite an excellent bargain of high-end specs for a mid-tier smartphone.

Hexa Camera

Front Camera
The front camera is a 32-megapixel and an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, which means better front photo quality than OnePlus 8 and no longer a selfish selfie.

Rear Camera
The rear of the phone sits not a trio but a quad camera, which the standard 48-megapixel Sony sensor for the main is the same on the OnePlus 8. This means for this price tag; the end-consumer does not need to compromise on the camera. And although the telephoto lens is removed, the depth lens is added. 



On its tier, Nord is running on a 90Hz refresh rate, which means smoother browsing experience. And sitting in it is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset, which according to OnePlus, "has an improved CPU speeds and 30% faster graphics rendering than its predecessor", and by Qualcomm "a premium-tier experience for gamers with a 5G gaming at multi-gigabit speeds". This means more vibrant graphics and smoother 5G gameplay. 



The whole experience on this 6.44-inch display is smooth and fluid, with no complaints so far. It has a beautiful cover gorilla glass 5, giving it a nice premium look and better protection against damage from the drop. It is available in 2 colors – the blue marble and onyx grey. And with the option to choose from, there is a fingerprint sensor and face recognition function.



Running with a 4115 mAh battery and a warp charge 30 power adapter, this smartphone can be charged from 0 to an estimated 70% with just 30mins. As for how significant this battery can last will still require further tests.



The con is that there is no IP water or dust resistant and no wireless charging. It uses a Type-C cable, USB 2.0 port, and a UFS 2.1 (data transfer speed). Although there is no additional storage slot, the OnePlus Nord is available in 128GB with 8GB RAM for the base model and a 256GB with 12GB RAM. 

To sum up

The overall first impression, it does seem like a good deal to get the OnePlus Nord in this mid-tier smartphone. The phone price is at an affordable range without compromising the vital essence of a smartphone, such as the specification, camera, productivity, and battery. And with what is compromised by far for this affordable price point, it can be easily overlooked for now.